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Sunrise Mosaic | Expressionist Potpourri

The Art Of Mixed Media Collage

What I truly enjoy about mixed media collage, is the eclectic mass of layers, textures, and colors. The depth and intrinsic details are what makes each painting truly unique and beautiful. The light and dark reflect off those layers, resulting in the character and emotion of each finished work.

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Inner Child Series | Finally On Exhibit

I can’t believe it’s already been over a year since I completed the Inner Child series for the big Art Detour Event in the art district of downtown Phoenix. I’m one of the featured artist at the Vertigo Gallery, that is participating in this event. Originally, the exhibit was scheduled for this time last year. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was indefinitely delayed – until now.

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Summer Success

It’s been an exciting time for me as an artist, as I’ve had the opportunity to sell several paintings, both completed, and commissioned; and some of my work was recently selected to be showcased with other artists, based on two separate contests by the same virtual gallery, Fusion Art.

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Drawing The Line In Art

Next to color, lines and shapes play a very important part in expressing a work of art. Lines can be used to suggest shape, pattern, structure, the depth or distance, and even the movement or range of motion and emotions of a piece. For instance, curved lines are more conducive of ease and comfort.

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